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Welcome to Keelian.org! A resource of information on anomalous phenomenon for the 21st century. Standing on the shoulders of giants such as Charles Fort and John Keel this page seeks to continue their intellectual tradition of collecting and studying stories of the strange and mysterious aspects of our world. This is an archive which aims to document and preserve reports of the unexplained and further the research of paranormal subject matter.

This grand study began with Charles Fort and then advanced onward with Fortean investigator John Keel. Now it is left for the people of our time to contribute. With each generation we learn more about the phenomenon and move forward researching by rejecting belief, overcoming fear and investigating the unknown to the best of our ability. This website is not just Fortean, It’s Keelian!

1. Adjective – Related to the favored concepts and or methods of author John Keel
2. Noun – A person that is a proponent of the work and or ideas of author John Keel