Mothman Archive

The Mothman Archive [1966 – 1967]
(Work in progress – more to be added)




Witness: Lawrence Gray
Date: August 1966, at about 3AM
Location: Jefferson Avenue Point Pleasant WV

Story: One evening in August of 1966, Lawrence Gray was coming home from church when he got the strange sense that something was in his house as he approached the steps at around 9:30PM. He lived in a small white house on Jefferson Avenue across from Wesleyan Church. As he entered his house, the feeling of dread grew stronger but he didn’t find anything when he searched around other than the hook-style lock on his basement door being unlatched. Lawrence and his wife went to sleep around 10:30 or 11:00PM. At around 3AM, he found himself awake and looking out the window by his bedside as a car pulled into the nearby church and the bright streetlight illuminated the street below. 

Lawrence turned his head to see a 6ft tall glowing figure with deep eyes and large wings standing with it’s shoulders arched and it’s head tilted. The figure was described as being “lunar” in coloration meaning dirty gray and white like the surface of the moon. When Lawrence saw the being he was paralyzed and couldn’t move or make noise. He was convinced that it was “the devil”. The encounter went on for about 45 seconds. Lawrence said that when he focused on Bible verses, the creature vanished.

Description: 6ft tall glowing figure with deep eyes, large wings, standing with it’s shoulders arched and it’s head tilted, “lunar” in coloration; a dirty gray and white color, stood in bedroom for about 45 seconds, vanished when witness thought of bible verses.

Source(s): Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(2005):Pg129-133


Witness:  National Guardsman
Date: Tuesday, November 1st 1966
Location: Armory near Camp Conley Road, Point Pleasant WV

Story: On November 1st 1966, a national guardsman at the armory near Camp Conley road in Pt Pleasant WV claimed to have seen a large brown humanoid figure perched on the limb of a tree.

Description: Humanoid figure, perched in tree, brown in coloration.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg232-Ch18


Witness(es): Woodrow Derenberger
Date: Wednesday, November 2nd 1966, about 7:25PM
Location: Intersection of Interstate 77 and Route 47, Parkersburg WV

Story: On Wednesday November 2nd 1966, Woodrow Derenberger, a salesman for a sewing machine company, was driving from Marietta Ohio in a red panel truck to his home in Mineral Wells WV. He claimed that at about 7:25PM, on the intersection of Interstate 77 and Route 47, a strange dark gray 30 to 35ft long craft hovering about 8 to 10 inches off the ground passed him and swerved in front of his truck, blocking the road and forcing him to a stop. The craft reportedly had no windows or lights in it, was charcoal in coloration and glistened when hit by Derenberger’s headlights.

A figure, appearing to be a normal human being, is said to have then stepped out of a door on the side of the craft and approached the right hand side of his truck. Derenberger claimed that the unknown man telepathically told him to roll down his rain streaked window and had a conversation with him without ever speaking aloud. The craft reportedly lifted up into the air and hovered about 50 to 75ft over the road during this conversation.

Woodrow said that this man smiled politely and asked him many questions such as who he was and where he lived. Woodrow said that he was frightened but answered the questions verbally. The man is said to have told Mr. Derenberger not to be afraid and that he was a “searcher” named “Cold”. The man also said that cities, like Parkersburg, are called “gatherings” where he comes from.

Cold was wearing a dark blue zippered overcoat made of a glossy or shiny reflective material with a darker blue buttoned shirt underneath and navy blue pants. He had a full head of dark brown hair which was combed back. His skin was deeply tanned and he looked to be about 35 to 40 years of age. He stood with his arms crossed for the entire conversation.

Cold supposedly uttered the phrase “we will be seeing you again” before leaving. Woodrow reported that the craft came back down and that Cold stepped inside. The hand of someone already inside then supposedly closed the side hinged door and the craft took off.


Object: Dark gray and black charcoal coloration, 30-35ft long, glistened in the light, no lights or windows, blocked the road, side hinged door, hovered at all times at varying heights, 8-10in off the ground at first, then 50-75ft during conversation.

Figure: Appeared to be a normal looking person, full head of dark brown hair combed back, deeply tanned skin, looked about age 35-40, wore dark blue zippered overcoat made of glossy or shiny reflective material with a darker blue buttoned shirt underneath and navy blue pants, stood with his arms crossed, smiled politely, spoke only telepathically.

Source(s): WTAP-TV Interview broadcast Nov3rd-1966, Strange Creatures From Time And Space (1970) by John Keel Ch14, Visitors From Lanulos (1971) By Woodrow Derenberger, The Mothman Prophecies (1975) by John Keel Ch5


Witness: Kenneth Duncan
Date: Saturday, November 12th 1966
Location: Reamer Hill Cemetery near Clendenin WV

Story: On November 12th 1966, Kenneth Duncan of Blue Creek and four other men were digging a grave for his father-in-law, Homer Smith, in a cemetery near Clendenin, West Virginia. He claimed to see a man-like figure that flew out from some nearby trees and glided low over their heads.
The men helping him were Robert “Bob” Lovejoy of Allen Michigan, formerly of Campbells Creek WV, William “Bill” Poole of Allen Michigan, Andrew Godby of Blue Creek WV and Emil Gibson of Quincy WV.
These other men did not see the creature before it flew away but Kenneth said that the brown creature was in sight for about a minute and that it didn’t look like any kind of bird but seemed to be humanoid; like a man with wings.

The experience would have been forgotten if others in WV didn’t also start claiming to see a winged man. It was the later Scarberry and Mallette sighting that caused Kenneth Duncan to report his encounter and within the month it was in the local newspapers.

Description: human-like creature with wings, flew out from trees and glided low in flight, brown in coloration.

Source(s): “‘Flying Man’ Seen Here, Man Claims” Charleston-Gazette-11/18/1966, “Eight People Say They Saw ‘Creature'” Newspaper-Article-11/18/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg213-Ch18 & Pg232-Ch1, Homer Smith (1914-1966) Headstone in Reamer-Hill-Cemetery


Witness: Merle Partridge (Often mistakenly listed as Newell Partridge)
Date: Monday, November 14th 1966; about 10:30PM
Location: Salem WV

Story: On November 14th at about 10:30PM, Contractor Merle Partridge was watching television at his home in Salem WV when suddenly the TV blew out. A fine “herringbone” pattern had appeared on the television and it made a loud high pitch sound increasing in pitch like a generator winding up.

His dog, a German Shepherd named Bandit, was on the porch and began howling towards the hay barn. Bandit was acting strange; as if he saw something. Partridge walked out onto the porch and saw red circular intermittent lights that were moving around and rotating in the distance. He said that when he aimed a flashlight at them, the lights reflected “like bicycle reflectors”. His dog ran off toward the fields and never returned.

The following day when Merle went out to the barn to look for his dog. At the approximate position of where the red lights had been, he found dog tracks going around in a circle but not leading off anywhere. He searched for Bandit for a long time following the experience but never found him.
Merle thought that the strange noises from his television set, the lights he saw in his field that night and the disappearance of his dog were related. Merle said that Bandit was a well trained dog and would have returned back to him otherwise.

The story of Merle’s experience in his field and the disappearance of Bandit was only printed in the newspaper after the Scarberry and Mallette couples reported to see a winged man-like creature with red eyes. They also claimed that they saw a dead dog in the road on Route 62 that was gone later when they went by again.

Aftermath: In an interview with Jeff Wamsley, Merle said he had strange experiences all throughout his life after this. A week after the sighting a man knocked on his door saying that he was looking for his missing son and that he drove his car into a ditch. The man explained they he’d seen a large fast moving object with flashing lights which passed his car beside the road causing him to run his car into a ditch about a mile from Mr. Partridge’s house.

Merle used his Jeep to pull the car back onto the road and helped him look for his son. The child was found about 200 yards away from Merle’s house walking down the road. The boy couldn’t remember what had happened or where he’d been. The following Summer Merle claimed that an incredibly large mechanical object the size of a hotel blacked out the sky over his house.

Note: The newspapers in 1966 reportedly listed Merle’s name as Newell because of a mix up in the listing of his birth certificate early in life. This led to investigators mistaking the name as well when books were published.

Description: Television interference, loud high pitch sound of a generator winding up coming from The TV, circular red rotating lights which reflected like “bicycle reflectors” when hit by light.

Further note: Merle reported to see red reflective lights which were interpreted by newspapers and investigators to be eyes. But in later interviews in the 2000’s Merle clarified that what he saw that night were several intermittent rotating red lights and NOT eyes.

Source(s): “Eight People Say They Saw ‘Creature'” Newspaper-Article-11/18/1966, “Four More Claim Seeing Big Red-Eyed Bird” Newspaper-Article-Nov/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg214-Ch18, Mothman Prophecies(1975):Pg72-Ch5, Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(05):Pg47-54


Witnesses: Linda Scarberry, Roger Scarberry, Steve Mallette and Mary Mallette
Date: Tuesday, November 15th 1966
Locations: Abandoned North Power Plant building, TNT Area, Mason County WV & Route 62, Point Pleasant WV

Story: On November 15th 1966, two young married couples were joyriding around in a black ’57 Chevy to a hangout spot north of Point Pleasant known as The TNT Area. One of the couples was Linda and Roger Scarberry, the other was Steve and Mary Mallette.

They suddenly saw two circular fiery red eyes next to the abandoned North Power Plant. They said the grey man-like figure was 6 to 7ft tall with folded wings behind it’s back. They quickly drove off on Route 62. The couples then saw the creature on a hill by a large billboard. It spread it’s 10ft wings, went straight up into the air and began gliding over the car. 

When they got to a straight stretch of road, they were going about 100mph but the thing was still able to follow them. They were only able to get away from the creature when they reached the edge of Point Pleasant. The monster disappeared, veering off into a field as they entered town.
After stopping at the local Dairyland to discuss what to do next, the teens decided to head back onto Route 62 to see if it was still there. They discovered a dead dog in the road and claimed that the creature then jumped over the car and went through the field on the opposite side. They drove back into town, stopped at the local Tiny’s Diner and contacted the police.

Deputy Millard Halstead accompanied them back The TNT Area but found no clear sign of the creature. The witnesses however claimed to see red eyes, shadows and dust being kicked up nearby. They also reportedly heard a strange noise that sounded like a squeak or a record being sped up. The Mallettes accompanied Linda and Roger back to the Scarberry home where they stayed awake all night from fear.

The next day, Sheriff George Johnson held a press conference and newspaper reports began being written. By that night, the TNT area was filled with cars of people looking for the monster. While the locals simply called it “The Bird”, the newspapers named the creature “Mothman”.


Linda 1966 – Fiery red eyes that glow only when hit by light, like a man with wings, dirty grey coloration, saw no arms or head, muscular human-like legs, body shaped form, wings behind the body coming around, unbalanced and wobbly when standing, spread wings and took off straight upwards, gliding in flight back and forth over back end of car, reached speeds of 100 to 105mph, flapping only occasionally to go upward or for more speed, mouse-like squeaking sound.

Mary 1966 – 6ft tall man with wings on its back, red eyes 2in in diameter; about 6in apart, didn’t see a head, it quickly took off up into the air, glided in flight, flew at speeds of 100-105mph, let out a sound like a sped up record or a big mouse squeak.

Roger 1966 – Shaped like a 6ft man with wings on its back, light grey in coloration, red eyes 2in in diameter; 6-8in apart, ran awkwardly, flew straight up, glided 100mph, 10ft wingspan.

Steve 1966 – Man with wings, 6 or 7ft tall, grey in color, red eyes reflected headlights, clumsy runner, flew up to 100mph.

Overall 1966: 6-7ft tall man-like form with 10ft wings on it’s back, grey in color, muscular human legs, no visible head or arms, reflective red eyes of 6 to 8in diameter. Ran awkwardly, flew straight up and glided in flight at speeds of 100-105mph.

Note: Each teen said that the creature seemed to be avoiding light because it moved out of the way of the headlights each time, flew over only the back end of the car and darted off before they reached the lights of town.

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Witnesses: Marcella Bennett, Raymond Wamsley, Cathy Wamsley and the Thomas children
Date: Wednesday, November 16th 1966
Location: Point Pleasant WV – Housing within the TNT Area

Story: On the night of Wednesday, November 16th 1966, 21-year-old Marcella Bennett, her 2-year-old daughter Tina, her 19-year-old brother Raymond Wamsley and his 18-year-old wife Cathy Wamsley went to visit their relatives. Raymond and Marcella’s sister Virginia Thomas lived within the TNT Area with her husband Ralph Thomas who served as the superintendent of the Trojan.U.S. operations in that area.

When the group arrived at the residence they found that the only ones home at the time were the Thomas children, 15-year-old Rickie and his two sisters Vickie and Connie. After exchanging a few words, the Bennetts and Wamsleys headed back to their car. It was about 9pm at this time. That’s when they spotted some strange lights in the sky hovering above the trees. Raymond stopped at the bottom of the steps and tried to get Marcella’s attention. She ignored him and began walking to the car, carrying her daughter.

She said she saw creature out of the corner of her eye as she was unlocking the car door and that it stood up from behind her parked vehicle. She first saw men’s legs which looked to be covered with gray feathers. It had wings drawn in toward the body and it’s head was tilted sideways and sunken into the shoulder area. Marcella described the creature as over 6ft tall, like a giant bird but yet also a man. Raymond and his wife Cathy were both very frightened and kept yelling for Marcella to run, but she was paralyzed by fear. When Marcella finally managed to turn around she took only a few steps towards the house before falling to the ground in a state of shock on top of her daughter. She was unable to get up as if in a trance.

Marcella heard the flapping of wings as she was trying to run. After pulling herself together, she picked up her child and ran into the house. The family locked themselves inside. Marcella’s hands and knees were badly scrapped and bruised. She had been burned from her lit cigarette and the side of her face was bleeding from where she had fallen. The children inside were all screaming and crying in panic. Raymond Wamsley frantically phoned the sheriff’s department. By this time Marcella was lying on the sofa and could hear him telling them to get to The TNT Area because they’d seen the monster. He said they were locked in the house but that it was still outside.

The bird creature is said to have shuffled onto the porch, pushed on the door and peered into the windows. It took the police about 15 to 20 minutes to arrive at the house but the creature was gone by the time they got there. They came with guns drawn and searched all around the property. The front yard was soon full of police cars and curious people. Raymond talked to the police and filled out a report.

Aftermath: Marcella Bennett described the encounter as the most frightening experience of her life and it was something she felt uncomfortable talking about. She never drove at night after her experience and had trouble sleeping because of her horrible nightmares. She once sought medical attention at Holzer Hospital to deal with her anxieties and lack of sleep. She didn’t want to tell the doctor what she’d seen but the doctor then asked if she was one of the people who had seen The Bird in Pt Pleasant.

She would hear wings flapping and noise on top of the roof of her home. Somehow, she felt the creature now had a link to her and would come back. She would feel the creature’s presence at times that would send her into a panic, for example she would feel as if he was in the back seat of her car, hit the brakes and turn to look behind her.

Note: Virginia Thomas, the mother of the Thomas children who was coming home from church at the time of the sighting, claimed to have precognitive visions from time to time. As printed by reporter Mary Hyre in the local press, Virginia Thomas claimed that she had a vision on Monday, November 14th that a creature would appear, frighten people but not harm anyone. Mrs. Thomas eventually had a sighting of her own on November 2nd 1967.

Description: 6ft tall bird-like man with gray feathery legs and body, head sunken into the shoulder area and wings folded behind it’s back, stood up from behind parked car, shuffled onto porch, looked into window and flew away.

Source(s): “Monster Returns To Mason” Athens-Messenger-11/17/1966, “City Getting ‘The Bird,’ Want It Or Not” Point-Pleasant-Register-11/17/1966,”Mason County has ‘Flying’ Mystery” Morgantown-Dominion-11/18/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg216-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg79-Ch6, Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002), Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(2005):Pg71-77


Witness: Teenage boy
Date: Thursday, November 17th 1966
Location: Route 7 near Cheshire Ohio

Story: On November 17th 1966, a teenage boy driving on Route 7 near Cheshire, Ohio reportedly saw a gray man-shaped bird creature with red eyes and 10ft wingspan. The creature pursued the witnesses automobile for about a mile.

Description: Man-shaped bird creature, 10ft wings, red eyes, gray in coloration, chased car.

Source(s): “Monster Returns To Mason” Athens-Messenger-11/17/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg232-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg82-Ch6


Witnesses: Paul Yoder and Benjamin Enochs
Date: Friday, November 18th 1966
Location: TNT Area – Point Pleasant WV

Story: On November 18th 1966, Point Pleasant volunteer firemen Benjamin Enochs and Captain Paul Yoder supposedly sighted a huge bird-like creature with large red eyes while in the TNT area unlike anything they’d seen before.

Description: Giant red-eyed bird-creature.

Source(s): Wild Story Produced In Wildlife Preserve” Newspaper-November-1966, “That Mothman: Would You Believe A Sandhill Crane?” Huntington-Hearld-Dispatch-11/19/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg219-Ch18 & Pg232-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg82-Ch6


Witnesses: Couple
Date: Sunday, November 20th 1966
Location: Ferry Branch Hollow WV

Story: On November 20th 1966, a couple told a Charleston Patrolman they’d sighted a large bird near Ferry Branch WV.

Description: Large bird.

Source(s): Mothman and other curious encounters(2002):Pg43-Ch3


Witness: Howard Miller
Date: Sunday, November 20th 1966
Location: Dixie, Nicholas County WV

Story: On November 20th 1966, Howard Miller reportedly saw a 4ft tall bird with red half-moons under the eyes which landed on a school bus shelter in Dixie, Nicholas County WV.

Description: 4ft tall bird with red halfmoons under the eyes on school bus shelter.

Source(s): Mothman and other curious encounters (2002):Pg43-Ch3, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg82-Ch6


Witnesses: Six teenagers
Date: Sunday, November 20th 1966
Location: Campbell’s Creek WV

Description: Gray red-eyed man-sized creature.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg233-Ch18


Witnesses: Brenda Jones and four other teenagers
Date: Sunday, November 20th 1966
Location: Campbell’s Creek WV

Story: On the night of November 20th 1966, Brenda Jones of Point Lick and four other teenagers driving along Campbell’s Creek WV saw a man-sized bird-creature standing beside a rock quarry by view of their car’s headlights. It turned and ran into the woods.

Description: Man-sized bird-creature.

Source(s): MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg82-Ch6


Witness: Richard West
Date: Monday, November 21st 1966, at 10:15PM
Location: Charleston WV

Story: On November 21st 1966, Richard West phoned Charleston police and talked with Patrolman D.L Tucker. He reported that a 6ft tall man with red eyes and a 6 to 8ft wingspan was sitting on a roof near his home. West said that it flew like a helicopter straight up into the air.

Description: 6ft tall man, red eyes, 6 to 8ft wingspan, sitting on nearby roof, flew straight up like a helicopter.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg217-Ch18


Witnesses: Two adults and two children
Date: Thursday, November 24th 1966
Location: Point Pleasant WV

Description: Giant red-eyed flying creature.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg86-Ch6


Witness: Thomas “Tom” Ury
Date: Friday, November 25th 1966
Location: Route 62, Point Pleasant WV

Story: On morning of November 25th 1966 at 7:15 AM, shoe salesman Thomas “Tom” Ury of Pt Pleasant was driving north along Route 62 on his way to work at the Kinney Store in Clarksburg WV. He saw something flying upwards over the trees along the Ohio River on his left. At first he thought it was a helicopter, but when it began circling over his car, he saw that it was a very large bird unlike any he’d seen before. He said that the abnormally sized bird had an estimated wingspan of 10 to 12ft and was flying about two or three telephone poles high. It was able to keep up with his car even when it was going about 75mph. He stared at the bird apprehensively through the windshield, waiting for it to swoop down. The bird made about four passes over the car before disappearing back below the trees by the riverbank as Ury drove past the Kirkland Memorial Cemetery. 

Note: In an interview with Jeff Wamsley released in 2005, Tom Ury made it clear that what he saw was a very large bird and not a man-like creature as others had incorrectly stated. He said that in 1966 he was interviewed by reporter Mary Hyre and that she wrote the details correctly, except for the direction the bird came up from, which Ury stated was the left side and not the right. Ury firmly said that this was not a sandhill crane or any other ordinary bird as some had suggested. He also commented that his mother received strange phone call with Morse code like beeping and power failures which she partially attributed to what her son had experienced.

Description: Very large bird, wingspan of 10 to 12ft, circled above car at 75mph.

Source(s): “Oh, That ‘Bird!’ It Was Seen Again” Point Pleasant Register 11/25/66, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg233-Ch18 MothmanProphecies(1975:)P86-Ch6, Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002), Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(2005):Pg97-103


Witness: George Wolfe Jr.
Date: November 1966 (Week: 20th – 26th)
Location: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Story: In November of 1966, 23-year-old George Wolfe, Jr. of Beaver Falls, PA was hunting when he saw a 7ft gray colored ostrich-like bird about 50ft away in a cornfield. It zig-zagged sideways through the trees. The bird had a round body, a long neck and a tall plumed tail. George said his dog Old Ringo ran after it, let out a howl and returned whimpering.

Description: 7ft gray Ostrich-like bird in cornfield, zig-zagging sideways through trees.

Source(s): MothmanProphecies(1975):P86-Ch6


Witness: Ruth Foster
Date: Saturday, November 26th 1966
Location: St. Albans WV

Story: On the evening of November 26th 1966, Mrs. Ruth Foster reportedly saw a gray bird-creature about 6ft tall with big red eyes popping out of it’s beak-less face. The creature appeared on her front lawn beside the porch. She screamed and ran back inside. Her brother-in-law went outside to look for it but it had disappeared.

Description: 6ft tall gray bird-creature with popping out red eyes, standing on lawn.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg217-Ch18 & Pg233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg88-89-Ch6


Witnesses: Marvin Shock, Ewing Tilton and Marvin’s two children
Date: Saturday, November 26th 1966
Location: Lowell, Ohio near Cat Creek

Story: On November 26th 1966, Marvin Shock and his two children Marlene and Phillip witnessed four giant 5ft gray and brown birds with 10ft wings and a reddish cast to their heads in Lowell Ohio near Cat Creek. They first noticed the strange man-sized birds moving around in the tree. When they walked closer, about 100 yards away, the birds flew up the ridge. The group followed the creatures by car and saw them about 200 yards from the home of Ewing Tilton near the edge of the woods. 

Ewing Tilton also claimed to witness the creatures and agreed on the sizing. The oversized birds were reported to have dark brown backs with light flecks, gray breast coloration and straight beaks about 5 to 6 inches. The birds kept their distances from the witnesses the whole time and were in view for about two hours overall before eventually flying out of sight.

Description: Four giant 5ft gray and brown birds with 10ft wings, dark brown coloration on their back with light flecks, gray breasts, 5 to 6 inch straight beaks and a reddish cast to their heads.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg219/220-Ch18 & Pg233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg87/88-Ch6


Witness: Connie Jo Carpenter
Date: Sunday, November 27th 1966, 10:30 AM
Location: Route 33, near New Haven WV

Story: On November 27th 1966, 18-year-old Connie Carpenter was driving home at 10:30 AM passed the old Mason County Golf Course outside of New Haven WV when she saw a large gray 7ft tall man-like figure with glowing red hypnotic eyes which caused her to almost run her car off the road. 10ft wings unfolded from the creatures back and it rose straight up into the air then headed toward Connie’s windshield. When she accelerated forward, the creature flew over the top of the car and Connie raced home. She developed conjunctivitis for over two weeks afterwards supposedly caused by staring into creature’s glowing red eyes.

Note: Connie was also the niece of local newspaper reporter Mary Hyre and had strange experiences following the sighting.

Description: Large gray 7ft tall man-like figure with glowing red hypnotic eyes and 10ft wings, flew straight upwards, pursued automobile.

Source(s): “Haunting Creature Seen Twice” Newspaper-November-1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg218-Ch18 & 233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg30


Witnesses: Shelia Cain and her younger sister
Date: Sunday, November 27th 1966
Location: Route 60, near St. Albans WV

Story: On the evening of November 27th 1966, 13-year-old Sheila Cain and her younger sister were walking home from the store in St. Albans WV when they saw a large 7ft gray and white creature with big red eyes standing next to the local junk yard. Shelia screamed and they ran away. The creature flew up into the air and pursued them. They ran into a neighbors house who confirmed their sighting.

Description: Large 7ft gray and white flying creature with big red eyes, pursued witnesses who were on foot.

Source(s): “Haunting Creature Seen Twice” Newspaper-November-1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg218-Ch18 & 233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg89-Ch6


Witnesses: Bob Bosworth and Alan Coates
Date: November 1966
Location: TNT Area, North Power Plant, Mason County WV

Story: On a chilly evening in November of 1966, Bob Bosworth and his friend Alan Coates were riding around Alan’s motorcycle. They headed to the TNT Area along Camp Conley Road. When they arrived at the abandoned North Power Plant they saw what appeared to be two red eyes looking at them from the roof of the old building. They thought perhaps someone had nailed some reflectors to a board. The two men tried to turn and the lift the front of the motorcycle to shine it’s headlight at the roof but it was too heavy. They decided to go up into the building to check it out. As they began entering, the red lights seemed to turn to watch them.

Moonlight illuminated much of the power plant’s interior through the large industrial size windows. Within the shadowed section of the building, towards the back, a large 6’6″ to 7ft tall figure walked forward; stepping across the broken glass covered flooring. The figure in the dark had broad shoulders and it’s head appeared to be sitting on it’s shoulders with no visible neck like an upside down letter “U” which tapered to it’s body like a robin. It came within about 6 feet of Bob and Alan and just stood there. Bosworth, to see if it was a person, said aloud that he was going to shoot the creature. He put his hand in his coat as if to reach for something but the figure remained motionless and silent. 

Eventually, the creature slowly turns it’s body towards the decaying metal grate catwalks within the power plant and began walking along them. Bosworth shouted out to the figure, still unsure if it was a person, saying not to go onto the catwalks because they were dangerous and led outside to a multiple story drop. They then heard something that sounded like wings which he speculated might’ve been a sound from the coats they had on. Frightened, the two men took off and left on Alan’s motorcycle. Bob said it didn’t make sense for this to have been a person because it would’ve been difficult to climb onto the old roof and to have so quickly gotten down to stand there in the shadows.

Note: Both Bob Bosworth and Alan Coates had read the papers and were aware of “The Bird”. Bob had even offered witness Roger Scarberry $5 to take him to where he saw the bird but Roger declined.

Description: Large 6’6″ to 7ft figure standing in the dark with broad shoulders, a head which appeared to be sitting on it’s shoulders, no visible neck like an upside down letter “U” that tapered to it’s body like a robin, walked along dangerous catwalks, sounds like wings were heard.

Source(s): Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(2005):Pg17-22


Witness: Faye Dewitt-Leport and her siblings
Date: November 1966, at about 11PM
Location: TNT Area, North Power Plant, Mason County WV

Story: On a late fall evening in November 1966 at about 11PM, after seeing a movie in Ohio, Faye Dewitt’s 16-year-old brother Carlisle who went by the nickname Topper drove Faye and her younger siblings in his green ’59 Ford Truck to the TNT Area. He reportedly took them there to prove that the creature they’d heard about from the kids at school didn’t exist. Faye Dewitt was 14 at the time and was accompanied by her younger sister Betty and her younger brothers Ray and Jack. As they drove at about 50mph, Faye turned to see something running beside the truck. It had a human-like head and was covered in feathers with large ruby red eyes that took up most of it’s face. The creature was described as over 5ft tall and white-ish and tan in coloration.

Her older brother Topper drove around a sharp turn in an attempt to try to lose the creature but it kept up with them and continued to follow. In a panic, Faye’s younger siblings were hiding by ducking down in the floor of the truck with Betty huddled over Ray and Jack. Topper went around another sharp turn and stopped his car sideways in the road by the abandoned North Power Plant. Faye said the creature got on the roof of the truck and looked at them through the windshield. It then stood up, jumped down off of the vehicle and ran towards the power plant. The creature then jumped up to the top of the old three story high power plant and crouched like a gargoyle. Faye’s brother got out and began throwing rocks and pieces of coal at the creature.

When he threw a larger chunk of coal that landed by it’s foot, the creature stood up, turned sideways to looked at him and jumped down from the roof. Topper rushed back to the vehicle and closed the door. The creature spread out a pair of 5 to 6ft wings and flew off into the darkness. Faye’s brother then drove to the Mason County courthouse and told the deputy what happened.

Description: Creature over 5ft tall, white-ish and tan, human-like head, covered in feathers, large ruby red eyes, ran at about 50mph, jumped to the top of a three story tall building, unfolded 5 to 6ft wings, flew away.

Source(s): Mothman:BehindTheRedEyes(2005):Pg141-148, Eyes of The Mothman Documentary(2011):Bonus-Features:Green’59FordTruck




Witnesses: Everett Wedge, Henry Upton, Ernie Thompson, Leo Edwards and Eddie Adkins
Date: Sunday, December 4th 1966, at 3PM
Location: Galipolis Ohio Airport

Story: On December 4th 1966 at 3PM, five pilots at the Galipolis Ohio airport saw a very large bird gliding about 300ft in the air over the river. The bird was said to be flying about 70MPH and the men at first thought it was an airplane. The witnesses were Everett Wedge from Point Pleasant WV, Henry Upton of Leon WV as well as Ernie Thompson, Leo Edwards and Eddie Akins of Galipolis Ohio.

The bird supposedly had wide wings and a long neck. It flew without flapping and turned it’s head from to side as if to look around. Pilot Everett Wedge got in his plane with a camera to film the bird but it had flown further down the river and disappeared from sight.

Description: Very large bird gliding about 300ft in the air over river, flew at about 70MPH, wide unflapping wings, long neck which turned from side to side, flew away along the river.

Source(s): “Strange plane turns out to be ‘bird’” Newspaper-12/5/1966, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg220-Ch18 & 233-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg95-96, Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002)


Witness: Mailman
Date: Tuesday, December 6th 1966
Location: Maysville, Kentucky

Description: Very large bird-like creature observed in flight.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18


Witnesses: Two adults
Date: Tuesday, December 6th 1966
Location: TNT Area, Mason County WV

Description: Huge man-like gray figure with glowing red eyes.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18


Witness: Four women
Date: Wednesday, December 7th 1966 
Location: Route 33, Ohio

Description: Man-shaped flying creature with glowing red eyes, brownish and silver in coloration.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18


Witnesses: A group of around ten people
Date: Wednesday, December 7th 1966, at about 9PM
Location: The TNT Area, Mason County WV

Story: On the night of December 7th 1966, author John Keel arrived in Point Pleasant WV. After talking to Deputy Millard Halstead at the Mason County courthouse, he met with Mabel McDaniel who was the mother of Mothman witness Linda Scarberry. Mabel made several phone calls and assembled the witnesses for Keel to talk to. This included Linda and Roger Scarberry, Steve and Mary Mallette as well as Connie Carpenter and her aunt Mary Hyre who was the local reporter. After recording statements from the witnesses with a tape-recorder, at about 9PM Keel and the group decided to go the sighting location at the TNT Area.

The group at this time consisted of John Keel, Mary Hyre, the Scarberry and Mallettes, Mabel McDaniel, Connie Carpenter and her boyfriend Keith Aeiker. The group went through the old gate at the abandoned North Power Plant and looked around by view of Keel’s six-cell flashlight. Keel, Connie and Keith went into the building. Keel climbed the steel ladders and walked along the catwalks. After not finding anything, the trio went for the exit. As they were leaving Connie suddenly saw two large red glowing eyes by the back wall and screamed. Connie and Keith left the building in a panic but Keel went back in, shining his flashlight around and searching for something that could’ve made the red lights she saw. Again he found nothing.

When Keel walked out of the North Power Plant, he saw Deputy Alva Sullivan had joined the group. Mary Hyre told Keel that they’d seen a tall running figure and asked if it was him but he told her that he’d been in the building the whole time. Mabel McDaniel added that while Keel was in there, they had heard a loud hollow metallic sound like something metal had fallen. The whole group, except for Keel, said they had heard this. Mary Mallette’s ear also began bleeding seemingly without reason. The group drove back to the McDaniel residence and Mary Mallete’s ear eventually stopped bleeding. Keel returned to The TNT Area alone at about midnight. There he found what he described as a “zone of fear”. It was a spot in the road that was mysteriously fear-inducing each time he passed it yet he couldn’t figure out why.


Connie – Red glowing eyes.

Mary Hyre and others – Tall running figure.

Mary Hyre, Mabel McDaniel, Mary Mallette, Steve Mallette, Linda Scarberry, Roger Scarberry, Connie Carpenter, Keith Aeiker & Deputy Alva Sullivan – Loud hollow metallic sound.

John Keel – Mysteriously fear-inducing spot in the road; a repeated “zone of fear”.

Source(s): MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg96-102, Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002):Name-KeithAeiker


Witnesses: Two women
Date: Thursday, December 8th 1966
Location: Route 35, WV

Description: Shadowy figure seen on hilltop with two glowing red eyes.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18


Witnesses: Man and male child
Date: Sunday, December 11th 1966
Location: TNT Area

Description: Man-shaped gray figure which quickly flew overhead.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18 


Witness: Kathryn Beaver
Date: Sunday, December 11th 1966
Location: Route 35, WV

Description: Very large gray creature with glowing red eyes, flew past her car.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg233-Ch18, Mothman and other curious encounters(2002):Pg44-Ch3


Witness: Linda Scarberry (Again)
Date: December of 1966
Location: 13th Street in Point Pleasant WV

Story: A month after the Scaberrys initial Mothman sighting, in December of 1966, the witnesses had moved in with Linda’s parents. The McDaniels lived on 13th Street in Pt Pleasant WV. Linda reportedly looked out the window and saw the creature. It was sitting on the roof of the house which slanted down from the upstairs bedroom window.

The creature’s wings were folded around itself as if to keep warm in the cold weather. It’s head was tilted sideways and it was looking curiously through the window. Linda said by then she viewed the creature as lonely and thought it didn’t want to hurt her but to communicate.

Description: Winged creature sitting on a slanted roof with it’s winged folded around itself as if to keep warm, head tilted sideways, looking curiously through a window.

Source(s): Mothman:TheFactsBehindTheLegend(2002):Pg22


Witness: Loretta Faye Campbell
Date: 1966
Location: Point Pleasant WV

Description: Something flying and moving in the sky which then sank into the trees.

Source(s): Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002):Local-reporter-footage




Witness: Mabel McDaniel
Date: Wednesday, January 11th 1967, at about 5PM
Location: Tiny’s Diner, Route 62 , Point Pleasant WV

Story: On January 11th 1967 at about 5PM, Mabel McDaniel was walking near Tiny’s Diner in Point Pleasant WV when she saw a large brown creature with a 10ft wingspan flying over Route 62. At first she thought it was a airplane but it was flying very low. The creature had “men’s legs” hanging down from it. She didn’t see a head or a neck. It glided silently without flapping it’s wings. It circled the restaurant and then flew away. Mabel McDaniel was also the mother of Mothman Witness Linda Scarberry.

Description: Large brown low flying creature with a 10ft wingspan, about the size of a small airplane, legs hanging down, no head or neck, glided silently without flapping it’s wings, circled restaurant and flew away.

Source(s): “Mystery Bird Seen Flying Over Avenue” Newspaper-January-1976, StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg220-221-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg113-Ch8


Witnesses: Beau Shertzer and female nurse
Date: Sunday, March 5th 1967
Location: Route 2 along the Ohio river towards Huntington WV

Story: On the night of March 5th 1967, 21-year-old Beau Shertzer and a young female nurse were traveling along Route 2 along the Ohio River towards Huntington WV in a Red Cross blood van. A large glowing white object rose up slowly from a nearby wooded hill and hovered a few feet over their vehicle as they drove. Shertzer rolled down his window and looked up to see two arm-like extensions reaching down from the luminous object on either side of the vehicle. The claws-like appendages were trying to grab the blood van. 

Shertzer accelerated but the UFO was easily able to keep up with them. Traffic suddenly approached from the opposite direction and when the headlights from the other cars neared the object, the arms retracted and it flew away. The two workers then went to the police. The sighting was mentioned briefly on the radio that night but wasn’t reported in the newspapers.

Note: In the 2002 Search For The Mothman Documentary, the narration makes it seem as if the sighting was that of a flying monster but what the witnesses described was a glowing UFO with claw-like extensions and not a creature.

Description: Large glowing white object which rose up slowly from a nearby hill and hovered a few feet over a Red Cross blood van. The luminous object had claw-like extensions which attempted to grab the van. The object flew away when car headlights approached on the opposite side of the road.

Source(s): MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg138-139, Search For The Mothman Documentary(2002)


Witness: Adult woman 
Date: Sunday, March 12th 1967 
Location: Letart Falls, Ohio 

Description: Large flying being with long white hair and a 10ft wingspan which passed directly in front of her car.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg234-Ch18


Witnesses: Brenda Stone and another woman
Date: Friday, May 19th 1967, at about 10:30PM
Location: Route 62 TNT Area Pt Pleasant WV

Story: On May 19th 1967 at about 10:30PM, while driving past the TNT Area on Route 62, Brenda Stone and another woman witnessed what looked like a winged creature fly up to meet a UFO. The women claimed that they had seen a shadowy form with bright red lights like glowing eyes in the top of a tree near the road. A large hovering red light which looked to be a luminous object then appeared and approached the tree. The shadowy figure rose up towards the red glowing object and vanished. The flying object then flew out of sight to the north.

Description: Shadowy form with bright red glowing eyes high up in a tree, red luminous hovering object approached tree, shadowy figure flew up to meet the object and disappeared, luminous object flew away northwards.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg224-225-Ch18 & Pg234-Ch18


Witness: Virginia Thomas
Date: Thursday, November 2nd 1967 
Location: TNT Area Igloos, Point Pleasant WV

Story: On the afternoon of November 2nd 1967, Virginia Thomas was in the kitchen of her house within The TNT Area when she heard a loud squeaking sound she said was similar to that of a bad fan belt. Virginia stepped out on her front porch and saw a large shadow across the grass field and a tall gray man-shaped figure moving quickly among the TNT Area igloos. The figure walked upright like a man but was much larger and moved very fast in a gliding motion. It then disappeared into some nearby trees.

After that sighting, Mrs. Thomas had several nightmares. One of which featured strange people along the river and an invasion of some sort coming over The Silver Bridge in trucks and going into the TNT Area. In the dream, the Thomas’ grab the kids and run. She wasn’t sure what the dream meant. Virginia Thomas was also the sister of Mothman Witness Marcella Bennett.

Description: Very large tall man-shaped gray figure gliding quickly along nearby field.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg225-Ch18 & 235-Ch18, MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg273-Ch18


Witnesses: Four male hunters
Date: November 1967
Location: Chief Cornstalk Park WV

Story: In November of 1967, four male Hunters encountered a large gray figure with red eyes in Chief Cornstalk Park WV. They were so frightened that they didn’t think to use their rifles until after it was gone.

Description: Large gray figure with red eyes.

Source(s): StrangeCreaturesFromTimeAndSpace(1970):Pg235-Ch18


Witness: Elderly businessman
Date: Unknown
Location: Point Pleasant WV

Story: An elderly businessman in Pt Pleasant WV claimed that when walking outside to see why his dog was barking, he saw a 6 to 7ft tall gray figure with flaming eyes on his front lawn. He stood there staring at it for several minutes before the creature suddenly flew away.

Description: 6 to 7ft tall gray figure with flaming eyes on front lawn, flew away.

Source(s): MothmanProphecies(1975):Pg83-Ch6